RHF 2022 (III): Sulphur Demons at Midnight

Text: André, Pics & videos: Aidan On the last day of the Rock Hard Festival, there were three highlights on the bill for me: Sulphur Aeon, Night Demon and Midnight. A good portion of underground, I’m always up for that! Even though my legs were still quite heavy after the exhausting Saturday, I was already […]

RHF 2022 (II): Heed to the Atlantean Kodex

Text: André, Pics & videos: Aidan After we reported yesterday on the phenomenal Blind Guardian old school set at the Rock Hard Festival 2022, today we would like to take a closer look at the second day of the festival. It all started for us with the Villagers of Ioannina City, who I only knew […]

Review: Böllverk – Heading for the Crown

Release: 22/04/2022 The German heavy metal band Böllverk is probably still unknown to most of our readers. The quintet from Aschaffenburg only exists since 2018 and has so far released an EP, Let’s Ride Till Dawn (2020), as well as their full-length debut Heading for the Crown. If you’re still looking for traditional-sounding acts in […]

Interview: Angel Martyr

This interview is to be considered as part of our recent Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special, honouring our co-editor-in-chief Aidan on the occasion of his 19th birthday. Unfortunately, however, we had to postpone our talk with Angel Martyr because one of the band members was confronted with private matters that are much more important. We […]

My Top 5: Chris Blackwood (Gladius Dei)

These albums are the most important ones. They influenced my taste, my attitude and my life! (Chris Blackwood) Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath This is were it all began. I love everything of the Birmingham Boys. They have not one weak album (No, not even Forbidden is bad at all). Their influence for our beloved music […]

Interview: Matt V. Peppe (Royal Hell)

Last week the four members of Royal Hell presented to us their five favourite bands of all time. Today, vocalist Matt V. Peppe tells us a bit more about his favourite music, his band, their future plans and some other topics. Enjoy reading! Hi, Matt, thanks a lot for your time. How are you doing? […]

Review: Time Rift – Eternal Rock

Release: 13.03.2020 Vermisst ihr Live-Gigs auch so sehr, dass es euch schon fast körperliche Schmerzen bereitet? Gut, rhetorische Frage, ich sehe es ein… Ich fürchte, die folgende Platte, die ich euch präsentiere, wird die Sehnsucht nach überfüllten, nach Bier und Schweiß riechenden Clubs, gefüllt mit zwielichtigen Gestalten, nur noch intensivieren. Time Rift heißen die “ÜbeltäterInnen”. […]