Playlist: Scent of Death

It’s time again to share a new playlist with you. Today, everything revolves around the topic of “death”. The following 11 songs prove how beautiful this can be. Have fun listening! Solitude Aeturnus – Scent of Death DoomSword – Deathbringer –  Blood on my Hands Omen – Die by the Blade Cirith Ungol – King of […]

Playlist: Dragon Tunes

It’s time again for a new Epic Metal Blog Playlist: Today we dedicate ourselves to the topic of “Dragons”. We hope you enjoy our stylistically diverse selection! Manilla Road – Hour of the DragonOmen – Dragon’s BreathNevermore – The River Dragon Has ComeManowar – Ride the DragonDomine – Dragonlord (The Grand Master of the Mightiest […]

Playlist: Hail to the King

Just in time for the weekend, we have a new playlist for you. The motto is: Hail to the King! Enjoy listening to it. Manilla Road – Road of Kings Visigoth – The Revenant King Wytch Hazel – Mighty King Possessed Steel – Skeleton King Helloween – Robot King Manowar – Kings of Metal Omen […]

Playlist: Hymns from Heaven

On the occasion of the death of William J Tsamis, we are launching a playlist that honours him and many other heroes who left this world far too early. You are unforgotten! Warlord – Deliver us from Evil (RIP William J Tsamis) Vicious Rumors – Out of the Shadows (RIP Carl Albert) Omen – In […]

Review: Angel Martyr – Nothing Louder Than Silence

Release: 2021/02/26 Während sich heutzutage die populäre Musik und der Mainstream dadurch auszeichnen, dass man schnell möglichst viel konsumieren kann, ohne sich groß mit der Materie auseinanderzusetzen, ist dies in so leidenschaftlichen Subgenres wie dem Epic Metal grundsätzlich anders. Man versucht neue Welten zu schaffen, Geschichten zu erzählen, auf den Kern seiner Gedanken und Emotionen […]

Interview: Darklon

Today, we present to you an interview with Greek US power metal outfit Darklon. We had the opportunity to talk to guitarist D.K. Kras, who already sent us a nice top 5 list a few weeks ago, and to frontman Nikos Migus A. – also the current vocalist of legendary Omen. Enjoy reading! Hi guys, […]

Interview: Manolis Karazeris (Dexter Ward)

When I listened to Dexter Ward‘s latest output III for the first time, it blew me away. Even after a lot of spins, nine months later, it’s still an engrossing album that never bores me. For me, it’s one of the best records released in 2020, no doubt about it – and it contains a […]

My Top 5: Mina Walkure (Kramp)

It’s time for Mina Walkure‘s Top 5 list: Here are the five favourite albums of the Kramp vocalist. Great pick, what do you think? Iron Maiden – Brave New World Omen – Battle Cry Manowar – Hail to England Crimson Glory – Transcendence Running Wild – Death or Glory And some extra stuff (in no […]