Best of 2022: Songs

Today we continue with our Best of 2022 series. This time, the focus is on our favourite songs. Two notes on this: There is no particular order here. In addition, we offer you a Tidal and a Spotify playlist this time. We continue to believe that Spotify’s market power is far too great and that […]

Best of 2022: Festivals & Concerts

Today we would like to share with you our first Best of 2022 list. We start with our best live moments – more precisely with our 3 favourite festivals of the year and our 3 favourite concerts (We cheated a bit here, sorry). Basically, it is almost impossible to make a selection, because we have […]

Review: On Atlas’ Shoulders – A Dystopian Prequel

Release: 13/08/2022 On Atlas’ Shoulders is a band that every music fan must love – and this is not primarily due to the very tastefully chosen band name. The guys from Hessen don’t chase after any trends in the mainstream or underground. Instead, they have already developed into a completely independent-sounding formation on their first […]

Live report: Epic Metal Night (25/02/2022)

Text: André, Pictures: Vinylian English version below Anmerkung: In diesem Beitrag steht die Musik im Fokus. Über alles andere habe ich bereits an anderer Stelle geschrieben. Wenn mir im November 2020 jemand gesagt hätte, dass das Logo unseres Blogs eines Tages auf einem Veranstaltungsflyer auftauchen würde, hätte ich ihn wohl für ziemlich verrückt gehalten. Dank […]

Playlist: On Atlas’ Shoulders Favourites

Today we present you a playlist compiled by the members of the German epic heavy metal band On Atlas’ Shoulders. As a bonus, we have chosen three of our favourite On Atlas’ Shoulders numbers – maybe we’ll hear some of them at the Epic Metal Night in a couple of hours. See you soon… Unleash the Archers – Abyss Seven […]

Our Top 10 Albums of 2021 (first half)

After presenting our top songs from the first half of the year yesterday, we continue today with our favourite albums. Only the records that have already been released have been taken into account. That was really a very difficult task…. Aidan (Divine Victim) 1. Wheel – Preserved in Time (album review by Ansgar) 2. Anahata […]

My Top 5: Ben Chadwick (On Atlas’ Shoulders)

First of all, creating this top 5 list was challenging! Distilling all the amazing artists that have influenced me and that I look up to is no easy task, never mind which album to choose. Ask me in a month and there will probably be other records on the list… But let’s get started! 1. […]

Interview: On Atlas’ Shoulders

Today, we present to you a very interesting interview with Marius Bönisch (vocals), Ben Chadwick (guitar) and Björn Anders (guitar) from German (epic) heavy/power metal band On Atlas’ Shoulders. Enjoy reading! Hi, how are you doing? Ben: First of all thanks for having us! Thankfully we can’t complain, despite the pandemic. Marius: We just came back […]

Review: On Atlas’ Shoulders – Hyperion

Release: 2021/06/18 On Atlas’ Shoulders aus Frankfurt am Main gehören ganz offensichtlich zu den produktiveren Vertretern ihrer Zunft: Obwohl die Band erst im Jahr 2018 aus der Taufe gehoben worden ist, legt sie nun mit Hyperion bereits ihren zweiten Longplayer vor. In welchem Maße “Corona” für die rasche Fertigstellung des Nachfolgers ihres Debüts Invictus (2020) […]