Interview: SPELL

We are of course glad about every interview on our blog. But, and you may forgive me for saying this, there are interviews that are particularly close to my heart. That’s because this blog would never have come into being without the music of some bands. One of these bands is undoubtedly Spell from Canada, […]

Review: Poltergeist – Hallucinations in the Catacombs

Release: 2021/04/02 Wer unseren Blog schon eine Weile verfolgt, wird mit Sicherheit bereits den einen oder anderen Beitrag von Kalen Baker gelesen haben. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass nun mit der EP Hallucinations in the Catacombs frisches Poltergeist-Material vorliegt, mit dem der junge Künstler aus Kanada seine Reise durch allerlei unterschiedliche Musikstile fortsetzt. Wer ihn […]

Manilla Road Special (4): Kalen Baker (Poltergeist/CAN)

Today, Kalen Baker from Canadian musical project Poltergeist answers our questions about Manilla Road. He’s a good friend of our blog on whose cooperation we can always count. Besides, he knows a lot about completely different styles of music. Against this background, we definitely wanted to include Kalen in our series, too. Well, here we […]

Interview: Poltergeist (CAN)

We’re very happy to present you an interview with Kalen Baker from Poltergeist. Two years ago, I talked to him about Iron Maiden lyrics and Metal lyrics in general, you can read his statements here (in English). As you can see, Kalen is a smart guy who knows A LOT about music. I predict that […]