Best of 2022: Festivals & Concerts

Today we would like to share with you our first Best of 2022 list. We start with our best live moments – more precisely with our 3 favourite festivals of the year and our 3 favourite concerts (We cheated a bit here, sorry). Basically, it is almost impossible to make a selection, because we have […]

Review: Oath – Hallowed Illusions

Release: 29/07/2022 If you have been reading our blog for the last two years, you will certainly have come across the name Oath. Nevertheless, a short explanation at this point: It is a one-man-project from Scotland, behind which Steven Waddell can be found. Stylistically, we’re dealing with classic heavy metal, more specifically a nod to […]

Review: Dark Forest – Ridge & Furrow (EP)

Release: 30/09/2022 If I were to draw a life motto out of the music accompanying me through this journey called life, it would probably be the verse “Searching for a distant chilhood dream“ taken from the song “On the Edge of Twilight“ from Dark Forest’s unexcelled fourth album Beyond the Veil. Having lived on the […]

Discography Check: Seven Sisters

It’s about time to continue our section Discography Check, which we started a year ago. We kick off with a band that means a lot to us: Seven Sisters. With this little feature, the Epic Metal Blog also thanks these artists for their just completed European tour, where they absolutely captivated many fans. We hope you […]

Interview: Kevin Portz (Gravety)

English version below Am Samstag steht im Helvete ein ganz besonderer Konzertabend auf dem Programm: Mit Riot City, Seven Sisters und Gravety beehren gleich drei herausragende, junge Bands den Pott. Daher haben wir es uns natürlich nicht nehmen lassen, unseren guten Kumpel Kevin, Sänger bei Gravety, vor diesem großen, epischen Ereignis, ausgerichtet von From Beyond […]

Review: Knight’s Oath – II

Release: 04/02/2022 If you look at the band name, the cover art and the song titles, you know: Knight’s Oath fit perfectly on the Epic Metal Blog. And – I anticipate – musically we also get our money’s worth. Even if I have something to complain about – but more about that in a moment. […]

Live Report: Keep it True Rising! (Part I)

English version below Ein Kollege aus dem Deaf Forever Forum brachte es am zurückliegenden Wochenende in der Posthalle auf den Punkt: „Ein Festival besteht für mich zu 50% aus Musik und zu 50% aus Leute treffen“. Da ich dies auch so sehe, habe ich mich in Absprache mit Aidan dazu entschieden, mich im ersten Teil […]