Playlist: Hail to the King

Just in time for the weekend, we have a new playlist for you. The motto is: Hail to the King! Enjoy listening to it. Manilla Road – Road of Kings Visigoth – The Revenant King Wytch Hazel – Mighty King Possessed Steel – Skeleton King Helloween – Robot King Manowar – Kings of Metal Omen […]

Review: Heathen Kings – A Song for Denethor (Single)

English version below Release: 27.06.2021 Es gibt auch in diesen turbulenten Zeiten ein paar Dinge, auf die man sich stets verlassen kann. Dazu zählt zweifellos der Musikgeschmack meines geschätzten Co-Chefredakteurs Aidan. Vor gut drei Wochen bewertete er die erste Single der englischen Newcomer Heathen Kings, „In the Hall of the Kings“, in seinem ausführlichen Review […]

Playlist: Mysteries of the Night

Today, we want to present to you another playlist: Mysteries of the Night. Check it out! Tracklist Scald – Night Sky Lunar Shadow – They That Walk the Night Solitude Aeturnus – It came upon one Night Visigoth – Blades in the Night Seven Sisters – Highways of the Night Mercyful Fate – Night of […]

Interview: Skyryder

Skyryder is undoubtedly a traditional metal band that everybody who goes for soaring twin guitars will appreciate. Honestly, I got to know them due to a positive review my colleague Aidan had written in April 2020. I’m therefore glad to present to you today an interview with Skyryder’s drummer Andrew Macknight who talked to me […]

Review: Coltre – Under the Influence

Oft werden junge Bands dafür kritisiert, keinen eigenen Stil zu kreieren, eine einfache Kopie vergangener Helden zu sein. Aber ist das wirklich so schlimm? Sind nicht viele der Bands, die wir kennen und lieben, von anderen inspiriert worden? Naja, Coltre aus London zählen zu einer der vielen vielversprechenden, jungen Bands aus Britannien, die den alten […]

Interview: Seven Sisters

In the last years the British Heavy Metal scene has experienced a real surge of amazing new bands. One of my favourite bands from this so called „New NWoBHM“ is the London quartet Seven Sisters. Formed in 2013 the band, known for maybe the best guitar duo in the NWOTHM, has released two albums, several […]

United We Stand!

Check out Seven Sisters (on Instagram) in order to participate in their raffle! For £3 a ticket you can win one of 4 test pressings, and the earnings will be given to the UK Music Venue Trust, helping small venues survive this difficult times. What an epic and honourable gesture! Check them out. United We […]