Review: Claymorean – Alive in Vultureburg

Release: 24/03/2022 July 31, 2021 was a special day for Claymorean: The Epic Heavy Metal Night took place in Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia, which allowed the quintet to finally get back on stage and celebrate their new album Eulogy for the Gods live. I may also speak on behalf of my colleague […]

Review: Crestfallen Queen – Hall of Maati

Release: 11/02/2022 I associate Crestfallen Queen with a wonderful weekend in November 2019: At the Hammer of Doom in Würzburg, the Swabians opened a great festival with a strong performance that focused on their latest studio album Queen of Swords. With this in mind, I was very glad to receive the promo of their new […]

Review: Flame, Dear Flame – Aegis

Release: 23.07.2021 English version below We are born in twilight, all forlorn, only rumbling from a heartbeat long ago. Es kommt nicht oft vor, dass mich ein Album bereits während des ersten Durchlaufes verzaubert. Flame, Dear Flame ist dieses Kunststück gelungen: Das Quartett aus Braunschweig schenkt der (Epic) Doom Metal-Welt mit Aegis ein hochemotionales Meisterwerk, […]