Our Top 10 Albums of 2022 (First Half)

Today we present you our favourite albums from the first half of the current year. Aidan: 1. Véhémence – Ordalies 2. Fer de Lance – The Hyperborean 3. Ash of Ashes – Traces 4. Vanaheim – Een verloren verhaal 5. Aara – Triade II: Hemera 6. Iron Griffin – Storm of Magic 7. Mamorlis – […]

Review: Ash of Ashes – Traces

Release: 13/05/2022 There is no question that man will eventually perish from his hubris. The conviction that we can tame nature and exploit it as we please will inevitably lead to our downfall. Compared to the splendour of our planet, we are nothing, whose existence will be long forgotten when the earth continues to turn […]

Interview: Vanaheim

I have already expressed in my 100% review that Vanaheim have released a fantastic album with Een Verloren Verhaal, which for me is clearly in the lead so far this year with Fer de Lance‘s The Hyperborean. Against this background, I am extremely pleased that the band from the Netherlands has agreed to answer all […]

Review: Fer de Lance – The Hyperborean

Release: 22/04/2022 It is certainly no exaggeration to claim that the vast majority of our readers are mainly waiting for two releases this year: Gatekeeper‘s second studio album and Fer de Lance‘s full-length debut The Hyperborean. The latter has already been in front of us for a few weeks – and I can already reveal […]

Review: Vanaheim – Een verloren verhaal

Release: 04/02/2022 Uit een diepe winterslaap, bemost en overwoekerdStaan de reuzen op en grijpen naar de machtHongerig naar mensenbloed verwoesten zij de dorpenWaar men weerstand biedtGevallen in de nacht Already before the Mead & Greed Festival 2022, I had dealt with Vanaheim‘s first studio album Een verloren verhaal. However, due to a large pile of […]

Playlist: Epic Growls & Screams

Both Aidan and I like extreme metal styles – as long as they have an epic feel or a sublime atmosphere. So with this playlist, we’re focusing on songs that are far from traditional epic metal – we hope you enjoy this new sound on the Epic Metal Blog as much as we do. Vanaheim […]