Interview: Kat Gillham (Nine Altars/Thronehammer)

As most of you know, there is a circle of bands that we – and let’s be honest about this – have grown particularly attached to over the years. One of them is without question Thronehammer, who Aidan and I were able to see live together twice last year. Against this background, we were of […]

Best of 2022: Festivals & Concerts

Today we would like to share with you our first Best of 2022 list. We start with our best live moments – more precisely with our 3 favourite festivals of the year and our 3 favourite concerts (We cheated a bit here, sorry). Basically, it is almost impossible to make a selection, because we have […]

Interview: Thy Listless Heart

Epic, atmospheric doom metal is the music that usually reaches me the most emotionally. So it should come as no surprise that Thy Listless Heart strike a chord with me with Pilgrims On The Path Of No Return. I am therefore particularly pleased to present to you today an interview with Simon Bibby, the creative […]

Interview: B.S.T.

Während ich diese Zeilen tippe, schneit es draußen heftig, ja, so was passiert sogar mal in Dortmund – das ideale Wetter, um sich doomigen Klängen zu widmen, die Herz und Seele wärmen. Das machen wir heute auf unserem Blog mit dem Hamburger Quartett B.S.T., das uns mit seiner letzten Platte Herbst und erst kürzlich mit […]

B.S.T. – Herbst

Release: 21/09/2022 B.S.T. from Hamburg are certainly no unknowns in the German doom scene: No wonder, the band was already founded in 1994 and their first EP Vier + 2 was released in 2000. If you look at the quartet’s output as a whole, you quickly realise that B.S.T. took quite a long time to […]

RHF 2022 (III): Sulphur Demons at Midnight

Text: André, Pics & videos: Aidan On the last day of the Rock Hard Festival, there were three highlights on the bill for me: Sulphur Aeon, Night Demon and Midnight. A good portion of underground, I’m always up for that! Even though my legs were still quite heavy after the exhausting Saturday, I was already […]

Playlist: German Gems

Today we present you a playlist containing ten of the most magnificent, epic songs that have been released by German bands in recent years. We hope you enjoy listening to them! 1. Lunar Shadow – Hadrian Carrying Stones 2. Cross Vault – Gods Left Unsung 3. Thronehammer – A Fading King 4. Old Mother Hell […]

Interview: is LOVE alive?

English version below Dieses Interview habt ihr nicht zuletzt Ben von Wheel zu verdanken. Als Aidan und ich letztes Jahr mit ihm zoomten, empfahl er uns unter anderem is LOVE alive? – Ein guter Tipp, denn die Doom-Formation aus dem Ruhrgebiet hat bereits einige Underground-Perlen veröffentlicht. In der Hoffnung, dass sich auch viele unserer Leser […]