Review: Ash of Ashes – Traces

Release: 13/05/2022 There is no question that man will eventually perish from his hubris. The conviction that we can tame nature and exploit it as we please will inevitably lead to our downfall. Compared to the splendour of our planet, we are nothing, whose existence will be long forgotten when the earth continues to turn […]

Playlist: Day of Valkyries 22

Today is a special day, even though it shouldn’t have to be. Some may deny it, yet still women in many parts of their lives have to face inequality and discrimination on a regular basis. Some might say that there a other things one should focus on right now, yet in reality this shows the […]

Playlist: Scent of Death

It’s time again to share a new playlist with you. Today, everything revolves around the topic of “death”. The following 11 songs prove how beautiful this can be. Have fun listening! Solitude Aeturnus – Scent of Death DoomSword – Deathbringer –  Blood on my Hands Omen – Die by the Blade Cirith Ungol – King of […]

Review: Wheel – Preserved in Time

Release: 09.04.2021 Wow, was ist denn in diesem Jahr im (Epic) Doom-Bereich los?! Ein weiteres Highlight aus deutschen Landen kommt in Form von Wheels Preserved in Time – aus Dortmund. Eine Band, die mir bisher noch kaum geläufig war, obwohl sie immerhin auch schon seit über 10 Jahren aktiv ist. Cruz del Sur haben hier wieder einmal […]

Review: Servants to the Tide – s/t

Laut dem Infozettel wurde das selbstbetitelte Debüt von Servants to the Tide über gut anderthalb Jahre hinweg aufgenommen bzw. fertiggestellt. Gut Ding will Weile haben, muss man hier wohl ohne Zweifel attestieren, da die Band um Mastermind Leonid Rubinstein ein fantastisches erstes Album ins Rennen schickt. Ein trockener, undergroundiger Sound, der aber keineswegs „unprofessionell“ oder […]

My Top 5: David Messier (Gatekeeper)

Today, David Messier from Gatekeeper, one of our favourite Epic Metal bands, presents his Top 5 list, and a bit more. Running Wild – Branded and Exiled Solstice – Lamentations Forteresse – Métal Noir Québécois Demolition Hammer – Epidemic of Violence Scald – Will of the Gods is Great Power Honorable mentions: Warlock – Hellbound […]