André Krause: Chief editor & Admin Blog

That’s obviously me… Favourite genres Epic Metal Heavy Metal / NWOBHM / NWOTHM (Epic) Doom Metal Favourite bands Atlantean Kodex Solstice Iron Maiden Visigoth Gatekeeper Battleroar Manilla Road Fifth Angel Magnum The Devil’s Blood Favourite records Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess / The Course of Empire Solstice – New Dark Age / White Horse […]

Tim Bürger: Editor

This time, Epic Metal Blog co-founder and current editor Tim Bürger talks about his «favourites». Up the Hammers! Favourite genres (Epic) Doom Metal Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal Epic Metal NWOTHM Favourite bands  Atlantean Kodex Visigoth Sonata Arctica Eternal Champion Sacred Steel Judas Priest Favourite records  Atlantean Kodex – The Course of Empire / The White Goddess […]