Interview: For Centuries

If you go for classic epic doom metal, you probably already know young bands like Fvneral Fvkk from Germany or Elusive God from Croatia. But there is another outfit that you definitely should check out: For Centuries from Mexico. Today, we present to you an interview with their vocalist Ivan Bloodhunter. Have a good read! […]

Interview: Greg May (Tyrant)

In 2020, Tyrant finally released their fourth studio album: Hereafter. It was their first full-length after 24 years – and their first record with Robert Lowe. As you probably know, I already had the opportunity to interview the ex-Solitude Aeturnus and ex-Candlemass vocalist for our blog. We talked a while about Tyrant but also a […]

Interview: Elusive God

A doom band from Croatia – that sounds quite special. I’m not sure but I think that I’ve never bought a record released by an artist from this – wonderful! – country. Well, Elusive God’s debut EP The Darkest Flame has to be included in every decent (doom) metal collection because it’s undoubtedly one of […]

Interview: Rhett Davis (Stygian Crown)

With their self-titled debut Stygian Crown released one of the best doom metal records of 2020 – no doubt about it. That’s why my colleague Tim (Mr. Metalsson) and I gave this amazing quintet from Los Angeles a spot on our Top 15 newcomers list which we published yesterday. As you can imagine, we’re really […]

Interview: Robert Lowe (deutsche Version)

Für mich ist jedes Interview auf unserem Blog etwas ziemlich Besonderes. Ich mag es, mit Künstlern aus aller Welt über meine favorisierten Genres, deren Musik und Sichtweisen sowie viele andere Themen zu sprechen. Trotzdem gibt es manche Interviews, die sehr besonders sind. Ihr wisst sicherlich, was ich meine. Heute dürfen wir euch ein Interview präsentieren, […]

Interview: Robert Lowe

For me, every interview on our blog is quite special. I like it to speak with artists from all over the world about my favourite styles of music, their stuff, their views and many other topics. Nevertheless, there are some interviews which are extremely special. You surely know what I’m talking about. Today, we may […]

Interview: Crypt Sermon

We’re very glad to have the opportunity to present you an interview with Brooks Wilson, vocalist of epic doom metal band Crypt Sermon. If you don’t know this amazing quintet from Philadelphia yet, you definitely have to check them out. Hi Brooks, how are you doing? How are you dealing with the current situation? Did the […]

Review: Early Moods – Spellbound

Es steht außer Frage, dass das Essener Label Dying Victims seit Jahren ein Synonym für Qualität ist. Erst in diesem Jahr servierten uns die Underground-Trüffelschweine mit Soulcaster und Megaton Sword zwei echte Kracher, die jedem Epiker mit Geschmack eine Menge Freude bereiten. Daher werden wir euch auf dem Epic Metal Blog – wie gestern bereits […]