Concerts in times of crisis

While we are collecting thoughts for our live report on the Epic Metal Night from last Friday, I would like to say a few basic words about “concerts in times of crisis”. Aidan and I already agreed on Friday that we would present you with a rather sober article without the usual “feel-good pictures“. We […]

How to earn our support – or lose it

When you get the idea to start a blog, you usually do it out of love for music. Over time, you get to know many people behind the records you like better and better. Often good friendships develop, which you can deepen over a beer or two at festivals. Of course, it is – as […]

Sarah’s Sanctified Sacralities

(Firsty, I dearly apologise for the title, but the alliteration simply had to be fulfilled.) It’s Christmas time again and also time to spread a little kindness. Therefore, I out of hand decided to write a little appreciation article about one of the most important people in our scene: Sarah Vincent. It was at the […]

Give young artists a fair chance!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that we want to provide a small platform for young, up-and-coming bands. When I look at some of the friendships that have developed in recent months, we have probably done something right with our modest means. But it’s not about us at all. It’s […]

New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (II)

English version below Als ich Anfang der Woche recht spontan meine Gedanken hinsichtlich der laufenden Diskussionen über die New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) niederschrieb, ahnte ich nicht, dass unser Artikel solch eine lebendige Debatte auf unseren Social Media-Profilen und auch auf anderen Plattformen auslösen würde. Grund genug, uns für das Feedback zu bedanken […]

New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal

English version below Wenn man sich in den Sozialen Medien täglich mit dem Thema Metal beschäftigt, stößt man unweigerlich in regelmäßigen Abständen auf Diskussionen über die sogenannte New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM). Dabei geht es selten fair zu, da manche alternde Fans, die bereits in den 1980ern dem traditionellen Stahl huldigten, nur müde […]

Genießt den Moment!

English version below Man darf wohl ohne Übertreibung sagen, dass Mike Howes Tod die Metal-Community in einen Schockzustand versetzt hat. Mit dieser dramatischen Nachricht hat niemand gerechnet. Als Epic Metal Blog wünschen wir Mikes Familie, Freunden und Fans viel Kraft in dieser dunklen Zeit. Es mag ein kleiner Trost sein, dass der Verstorbene Musik für […]

From now on: Ratings on our blog!

After six months, there’ll be a significant change on our blog: From now on, you can find ratings at the end of our reviews (in%, like the Metallum does, for instance). Honestly, we’re no passionate fans of this classic approach because we’re not at school or university. It’s kinda weird to talk about art this […]