Bronze – Realm of the Damned

Probably all our readers have noticed by now: The Spanish heavy metal band Kramp is meanwhile called Bronze. Front singer Mina, one of our most loyal readers, has also brought prominent support on board: Ced Forsberg from Blazon Stone. This sounds like a bit of an underground supergroup – no wonder that many have been waiting very eagerly for the first musical sign of life.

“Realm of the Damned“ is a classic heavy metal tune that would make an excellent album or show opener: Straightforward, to the point – with a riff reminiscent of the glorious eighties. Ced also plays leads that stay in the ear. Mina convinces, as expected, with very individual-sounding vocals and vocal lines that are definitely not of the shelf. So the recognition value is high – a very important factor, because especially in the classic metal genre many bands sound quite the same and therefore get lost in the flood of releases.

In short: Bronze is worth keeping an eye on. I am already sure that their debut full length album will reach the level of the last Kramp release and maybe even top it. Mina is back – and that’s great.

Bronze on Bandcamp: Click here.

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